Kingswood's Management Committee

Kingswood Bowling Club Management Committee

Each February the Annual General Meeting the President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer who form the Trustees of the club, along with the 7 Convenors are elected by the Membership, also 5 of the 15 member committee are elected or re-elected.

In February 2019 the following were elected to the Committee

Honorary President R Kennedy Greig
Honorary Vice President H Graham Clark
President Alan Bellshaw
Vice President David Greig
Immediate Past President Robert McGinty
Honorary Secretary John Davidson
Honorary Treasurer Iain Kyle
Honorary Match Secretary George Newall
Greens Convenor Andrew V Johnston
Property Convenor John Thomson (Co Opted)
Bar Convenor Gerry A Docherty
Development Convenor G William Watson
Seniors Convenor Charles Boyle
Committee Members  
  Hugh Ross (2020)
  David L Paterson (2022)
  Gordon Aitken (2021)
  James Marr (2021)
  Peter Alexander (2020)
  Frank Lang (2021)
  Robert Waddell (2021)
  Neil Martin (2022)
  Rodney Harvey (2022)
  Graham Irving-Cole (Co Opted - 2020)
  Allan Bryden (Co Opted -2020)