Visiting Hampden Park for an Event

Visiting Kingswood prior to an Event at Hampden

There are a number of events at Hampden Park, Scotland's National Stadium. With the clubhouse only being a stones throw from the main stand, Kingswood is an ideal place to stop before the event.

Unfortunately, we have a limit to the number of people who can be accommodated in our compact clubhouse.

The criteria for choosing who gets in is simple, members and their guests are first and previous visitors will get preference, then any spaces left will go to other applicants on a first come first served basis. Email to visitors will get sent out approximately seven day before the event.

The Committee have decided to impose a limit on the visitors list of a maximum of 100. This allows a certain degree of latitude on the day of the event.

As either a Member or a visitor to Kingswood Bowling Club, we request that you complete the form below which will allow entry to the clubhouse before and after (though in some instances there are other events and there will be no entry after the event) an event at Hampden.

We will try and ensure your place up to 90 minutes before the event starts, but this cannot be guaranteed.

The semi finals will be played on the same day, Sunday 28th October with the Aberdeen Rangers game being played first with a 12.00pm kick off. This will be followed by the Hearts Celtic game at 19.45pm. There has now been another u-turn on these semi finals, Celtic Hearts Game will now be at Murrayfield with a 1.30pm kick off followed by the Rangers Aberdeen game at Hampden with a 4.30pm kick off.

Each game will be treated as a separate event and visitors WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RETURN after each game.


Date Event Time
20th November 2018 Scotland v Israel (Nations League) 7.45pm
13th April 2019 Scottish Cup Semi Final  
14th April 2019 Scottish Cup Semi Final  
25th May 2019 Scottish Cup Final  
22nd June 2019 Concert with Pink  
If the date does not appear above, the club is closed to visitors or this list is filled for that date, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF DATE NOT LISTED ABOVE

Please Note the following Conditions:

  1. All Visitors are required to submit a request using this form, no other method of booking is acceptable.
  2. Members who plan to bring more than 4 guest are also require to complete this form. (under certain conditions this will be reduced to 2 where the match/event will be a popular one)
  3. No Entry will be permitted to ANYONE WEARING CLUB HATS OR SCARFS
  4. No party of more than 16 will be allowed to request access to the club for an event a Hampden.
  5. Multiple booking in the same name or email will be rejected.
  6. ALL PARTIES BOOKED IN MUST COME AS A GROUP, late comers cannot be guaranteed entry.
  7. All Visitors must sign the Visitors book along with their full address on entry to the Club.
  8. Visitors entry is by invitation only, a confirmation email will be sent, please bring this with you.
  9. All entry, except for Club Members, is dependent on space.
  10. Visitors can return to the Club after the Event (though if the club is being used for a function we will not allow for any visitors returning as the club needs to be set up for the function)
  11. All returning quests or visitors MUST sign the visitors book on return.
  12. We require the names of ALL visitors to the Club, these will be checked off on entry to the Club.
  13. Kingswood operate a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY within the clubhouse, anyone breaking this policy will be removed from the Clubhouse
  14. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to these conditions

Hampden Booking Form