Past Presidents of Kingswood Bowling Club

The Past Presidents of Kingswood

We have put together a comprehensive list of the Past Club Presidents. All of these Presidents have let their mark on the Club.

The Past Presidents of Kingswood Bowling Club from 1929 are as follows starting with the most recent and working back to 1929. This list includes the Lady Presidents of Kingswood.

2018 R McGinty A Wark
2017 R G Harvey H McGregor
2016 W Wheelans H McGregor
2015 A R Boag A Wark
2014 A Brown E Tait
2013 C Boyle H McMurdo
2012 J Davidson C Holland
2011 T Jarvie M McElveen
2010 G Newall A Wark
2009 A Bell J Fearon
2008 J Reilly M Bonnor
2007 G Docherty M Kyle
2006 B Docherty E Charleson
2005 C J Johnson M Peacock
2004 A MacLeod A Boyle
2003 F Lang J Haig
2002 J Haig S Clark
2001 J T Kavanagh P Smith
2000 A V Johnston C Reyce*
1999 S A Hughes D Mathieson
1998 H M Taggart L Hendry
1997 D L Paterson J McLoughlin
1996 J Reyce S Stevenson
1995 G H McNish B Killen
1994 W Clark A Robertson
1993 D M Robertson S Cumming
1992 P Wilson M Burke
1991 R Finlay C Reyce*
1990 H G B Clark* Mrs. W Rodney
1989 R K Greig* Mrs. I Paterson
1988 C Robertson* Mrs. E Bryce
1987 J M Donnelly B.E.M. Mrs. J Baird
1986 J B Bringan Mrs. A McQuaker
1985 J A McCaw Mrs. J Bringam
1984 W M Grant Mrs. M McCaw
1983 J Coats Mrs. R M Mitchell
1982 A McIntyre Mrs. E Nicol
1981 L A Daw Mrs. E Kelly
1980 G S Baxter Mrs. E Gray
1979 J Lyness Mrs. L A Daw
1978 A D Binnie Mrs. J Lyness
1977 J Killen Mrs. A Stephen
1976 I McLean Mrs. J K Young
1975 C W Menzies Mrs. J Evans
1974 J Walker Mrs. T M McCaw
1973 T R Walker Mrs. J McEwan
1972 Q A Davidson Mrs. W M Grant
1971 W Blackwell Mrs. M McQuaker
1970 C Sanderson Mrs. R B Hope
1969 J M Bruce Mrs. J Bennett
1968 J M Wright Mrs. D Stewart
1967 W F Jones Mrs. J C Todd
1966 T Alexander Mrs. T C Dick
1965 J T MacKay Mrs. A Muir
1964 A Borland Mrs. W F Jones
1963 J T McDowall Mrs. W C Dobson
1962 G S Muir Mrs. J Evans
1961 A Strathdee Mrs. G B W Muir
1960 A S Gordon Mrs. A Mellish
1959 T C Dick Mrs. G McD Brown
1958 J Wilkie Mrs. J Fegan
1957 J Clark Mrs. J Niven
1956 J P Frame Mrs. J B Jackson
1955 M Currie Mrs. J Bennett
1954 H Haddow Mrs. H A Childs
1953 J Burns Mrs. R S Simpson
1952 D McPherson Mrs. W Wightman
1951 R Wallace Mrs. A Gorman
1950 D R McCulley Mrs. C W Rennie
1949 J G Rennie Mrs. A Smith
1948 A D M Wright Mrs. D McPherson
1947 A Huddleston Mrs. J McCaw
1946 T Taveren Mrs. J R Conn
1945 F Henderson Mrs. R C McGechie
1944 C M Pollock Mrs. C Gardner
1943 T G Smith Mrs. D Gordon
1942 J McArthur Mrs. H Haig
1941 J R Conn Mrs. E Russell
1940 J Bell Mrs. J M Guest
1939 J G Anderson Mrs. G Clark
1938 J M Arnott Mrs. W Greenock
1937 A G Bell Mrs. J Reilly
1936 J Anderson Mrs. W Waddell
1935 R J Speirs Mrs. A G Bell
1934 A McGregor Mrs. H J Nicol
1933 T Weston Mrs. T Weston
1932 W Addison Mrs. W Addison
1931 W Bell Mrs. W Bell
1930 W Bell  
1929 W Bell  
* Denotes Honorary Member of the Club, an honour which can only be conferred by the Members at the Annual General Meeting each February.

From 1991, the Lady Presidents were known by their own name, prior to this they were recorded under their husbands name.

Only three times in the Club's history has a husband and wife been presidents at the same time, 1931, 1932 and 1933 and only three Presidents have served two terms, that is Chris Reyce in 1991 and again in 2000, Audrey Wark in 2010 and 2015 and Helen McGregor in 2016 and 2017

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